We managed to arrive at the pinnacle time with the sun slowly setting in the background. Upon arrival, we were greeted by the beautifully dressed staff with warm smiles and led to our table that was situated on the balcony with a panoramic view of the ocean.

With the sea in the background and the glow of a sunset, we couldn’t refuse a good old cocktail or two; definitely try the Barman Specials, incredibly well balanced, fresh ingredients – delicious!

We definitely struggled to narrow down our starters to only two, but we decided to go with the herbed minced chicken and sweetcorn in pastry shells (Gratong Thong) and steamed Thai dumplings with crab meat and chicken (Chormuang). They arrived within a quarter hour (as did all the courses) and I was completely blown away by the presentation alone, perfectly presented with the artistic floral garnish. The healthy portion sizes and delicious burst of flavors made both these dishes a firm favorite since arriving in Thailand. After such a great start, our expectations were high for our mains and they definitely didn’t disappoint. We both can’t resist a good curry; I tried the duck with thick, creamy curry sauce accompanied with lychees (Panaeng Ped). My partner tried the green curry with prawns and opted for steamed rice to go with it (Gaeng Khiaw). Both beautifully presented and as I asked for “little spice” – the heat of the curry was perfectly manageable whilst still retaining that spice flavor. Again, the portion size was perfect for me and with the addition of the steamed rice for my partner, satisfying for the men with larger appetites!

Sitting in the glow of the night lights and hum of the surrounding greenery, we didn’t know if we could fit in a desert; but after glancing at the menu our minds changed very quickly. We ordered the sweet jelly topped with cream coconut and the coconut home made ice cream. One look at my heart-shaped sweet jelly and I was in love – they really go the extra mile with their presentation. All that was left was coffee and tea, and two very happy people left with tummies full of delicious food. Overall thoughts: The staff is incredible, very polite with brilliant English. I sometimes think that restaurant staff are nervous to come and engage in conversation with foreigners, but I felt that they wanted to have a proper conversation with us and get our thoughts on both the food and our stay in Thailand. They are present without being intrusive; our water glasses were always kept full and the timing between delivering our food and checking back on how we’re enjoying our meal was perfect.

The number one sign to a clean restaurant is the cleanliness of their bathrooms, the décor alone was incredible and there was not one used hand towel to be seen and the mirrors were spotless.

Absolutely fantastic experience and we will most definitely be back! Worth every penny, and it makes for a romantic night out.

Contribution to E-Table Asia by Travel With Lamb