Banyan Tree Phuket Go Live Seafood Sunday Brunch – Intimate and Inclusive Sophistication

Deep in the Laguna area of Cherng Talay you will find the not so obscure Banyan Tree Phuket resort, surrounded by vibrant, lush greenery and beautiful lagoons. Though this lovely Phuket getaway is perfect for those looking for a peaceful island holiday, it also provides an excellent dining experience for locals and expats alike. Whether you decide to enjoy a sandwich at Banyan Tree Café, indulge in delicious Thai cuisine at Saffron or partake in the exquisite Japanese fare at Taihei, Banyan Tree has something to offer everyone. However, it is the resort’s Go Live Seafood Sunday Brunch that seems to be pulling in guests from every corner of the island.

‘Go Live’ can be interpreted in a few ways at Banyan Tree Phuket’s Sunday Brunch. It can mean the incredible live, all-you-can-eat Canadian lobster that fills the plates of happy diners or can also be interpreted to include the live saxophonist that fills up the room with sophisticated and relaxing melodies. The sophistication continues on throughout the room with the carefully prepared dining stations entirely dedicated to foie gras, pasta, imported cheeses, oysters and other seafood delicacies on ice, and even a little corner dedicated to fresh bread, hummus and homemade gazpachos. But the pièce de résistance is the grilling station outside on the terrace, where you can watch your delicious cuts of lamb, beef, whole fish, sausages, crab and more, be grilled to perfection with minimal seasoning, allowing each and every bite to be simply delicious.

The wait staff is extremely helpful and kind without being intrusive and are there to refill your glasses full of beautiful wines and champagne and exchange any cutlery or plating that you may need for your next trip around. Should you need a break from all of the dining excitement, a handful of talented and well-trained masseuses are available to offer shoulder and neck massages to make you feel recharged and ready to hit the buffet again. And as the rain dries up and high season comes back into full swing, a whole new slew of activities will fill up your time, including family kayaking on the lagoon and a live music trio serenading brunchers out on the terrace.

On an island saturated with Sunday brunches, it is easy to dismiss them as all similar, or stick to the same one time and time again. But if you are truly in the mood for an exquisite experience paired with incredible cuisine and a hint of sophistication that is both intimate and inclusive, Banyan Tree Phuek’s Go Live Seafood Sunday Brunch is not to be missed!

Brunch runs from 12pm to 3:30pm and offers valet services and special pricing for children under 12. Reservations are essential.

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