Restaurants in Phuket That Are Great For Kids & Families – Best Places In Phuket For Families

As a parent, one of the hardest things is to find a great place to spend the day out with your kids in Phuket. As a parent of a 5 year old child living on this island for the last 15 years, we have discovered several amazing places to spend the day in Phuket with young kids. What we found most difficult was to find restaurants in Phuket that are family friend for kids of certain age. Information like this for us was mostly created by people with no children and was just a generic suggestion. As a parent you know that not all places are suitable for all ages. So here are our personal favorites for the best places to spend the day out with kids from 1 to 10 years old while having something for the parents as well. All of the below are great places for families to enjoy a day out with kids in Phuket. Pllaces that have good restaurant on site, activities for kids to do while parents relax, or catch up on some work. It’s a place everyone in your family will enjoy. Read our other visits to family friendly restaurants in Phuket here. Or find all family friendly restaurants in Phuket visit here.

1. Blue Tree – The Best Place To Spend A Day With Your Family In Phuket

Blue Tree is Phuket’s ultimate lifestyle destination slowly adding more entertainment, activities as well as outlets to its portfolio. Blue Tree offers something for everyone. Our favourite spot in Blue Tree itself boils down to 3 main locations: Blue Tree Kids Planet, The Adventure Park, and The Blue Tree Water Park.

Blue Tree Kids Planet – a hidden gem in Blue Tree – provides a safe space for younger children from 1 – 7 years old to enjoy some arts and crafts, roleplay activities, toys and more. While parents can just go to enjoy a nice relaxing time at the Tree House Restaurant while your kids are looked after by the caretakers of Kids Planet. 

The Adventure Park – now this place is great for kids from 7 to tweens. It’s a place where kids can socialize with others while engaging in loads of fun activities and sports. While younger kids are also welcome, personally we recommend joining them to keep an eye on them as it can be dangerous for kids under 7 to wander around alone. 

Now to jump to the best place to enjoy an entire day out as a family – the Blue Tree Lagoon / Blue Tree Water Park. With their huge lagoon-style swimming pool, 4 Super Fly water slides, a kids pool & play area where the pool is not deep at all and has mini water slides. And additional beach activities for you to enjoy such as the SUP paddle boards, zip lining and an area for a wide range of activities such as Ninja Warrior and archery. They have a large variety of restaurants on-site next to the lagoon each serving different types of food. And did we mention they also have an ice cream shop inside with delicious gelatos! 

All in all, Blue Tree is great for work and play, and definitely worth spending time in Phuket. 

2. Lemonade Family Club-Restaurant – loaded with activities for young kids

Lemonade Family Club-Restaurant is another hidden gem in the Laguna / Cherngtalay area in Phuket. Located in Soi Bandon-Cherngtalay Road, Lemonade is a fantastic venue loaded with activities to engage young children and plenty of places for parents to relax. The venue features a delicious healthy food restaurant, a dedicated kids club with a swimming pool and water slides and a herbal spa, sauna and wellness studio.Their activities and programs in the kids club are educational and creative and are sure to capture the attention of the little ones for hours. While the kids are enjoying themselves, moms can head off to the herbal spa for a pampering session, while daddies can head to enjoy a sauna session or get some work done in the restaurant. 

3. Rawai Park – The playground for babies and toddlers in Phuket

Located on the southern coast of Phuket, Rawai Park is a dedicated Kids Club, Waterpark & Playgrounds area. It’s a popular favorite among local Thai and expat families in Phuket. Providing plenty of different activities for the little ones and parents to enjoy some quality family time together. Rawai Park is a great experience in Phuket for families with babies and toddlers.Rawai Park has an indoor play area for kids, an outdoor play area, a swimming pool, beautiful gardens and a sandbox. Plus an on-site restaurant that serves a variety of international and Thai cuisine. Every weekend Rawai Park organizes events and family games including animator, pool games, and dancing & singing. Most games have prizes to win, too! It’s a wonderful spot for families to enjoy, and perfect for children ages 1 – 6 years old. 

4. The Lazy Coconut – The tropical beach hangout for families 

If you are looking to wind down and have a relaxing family day on the beach in Phuket, you will want to check out The Lazy Coconut on Bang Tao Beach. A relaxing beachfront restaurant & bar, The Lazy Coconut has a fantastic beach vibe making it the perfect place to really sit back and relax. Featuring a swimming pool for adults and one also for the kids, families can enjoy a carefree day as the time just simply flies by.In addition to delicious food and awesome vibes, The Lazy Coconut also has an on-site Surf & SUP school, called Talay Surf, where kids and you can either rent some surf & SUP boards, learn how to surf or take an SUP tour around the bay. 

5. Centara Grand Beach Resort Phuket

A luxury resort with a prime location on a secluded section of Karon Beach, Centara Grand Beach Resort Phuket is a lovely place to spend the day. A favorite for many local expat families on the island, a day at Centara Grand provides a touristy vibe at a luxury hotel. Make sure to take advantage of the resort’s day pass which allows access to the resort’s facilities. The day pass price is credited to the on-site F&B options, making it easy & convenient.The waterpark has several swimming pools to choose from including a kids pool and a slide, a lazy river, 2 water slides and small cliffs to jump off of. A day at Centara Grand is fun for all ages. Parents can enjoy refreshments at Splash Pool Bar, or the whole family can head to COAST Beach Club & Bistro for a feast. And if you stay long enough, you’ll be able to witness a stunning Phuket sunset. 

6. Splash Jungle Water Park – Phuket’s first water park

Splash Jungle Water Park is a popular attraction for families in Phuket. Located nearby Phuket International Airport on Mai Khao Beach, the water park has a lot of fun and relaxing activities to partake in.Families can enjoy a 330 meter long Lazy River, a warm hot spring, a wave pool under lifeguard supervision, an Aqua Play Pool for families, small kids’ water slides, and the larger, more thrilling water slides for adults. There’s also a carnival-style merry-go-round carousel for kids to ride on, and the Splash Bridge which is the perfect spot to capture a family photograph or two.Grab lunch in the tropical atmosphere of the water park at Jungle Deli or Coconut Cafe, where Thai and international favorites such as burgers and hot dogs are available. Additionally, to ensure the utmost safety, lifeguard supervision is provided throughout the water park. Children under 5 are free, while children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult.You can’t go wrong with a day at Splash Jungle Water Park!

7. Aqua Kingdom Waterpark & Kindee Bistro – A Local Favourite for families with babies and toddlers.

A small family destination in Cherngtalay, Aqua Kingdom Waterpark is the place to be for families in Phuket. Every weekend and on public holidays, the waterpark is packed with local Thai families. Aqua Kingdom Waterpark is home to 2 kids swimming pools, a kids water slide, a lazy river and a jumping castle. Basically, it’s the kind of place every kid will love! Aqua Kingdom Waterpark also has an on-site restaurant, which makes it convenient to fuel your appetite for more fun splashing in the water. Kindee Bistro serves up delicious Thai and international dishes such as fried rice, fish & chips and tasty pizzas. With both an indoor and outdoor seating area, Kindee Bistro is a wonderful place to dine. It’s also a great space for parents to relax or perhaps get some work done on their laptops while the kids enjoy all that the waterpark offers. 

8. Rabbit Hole at Phuket

A secluded cafe and restaurant, Rabbit Hole at Phuket is set at the foot of the mountain and surrounded by gardens which contain beautiful waterfalls and fish ponds. Kids will love their rabbit corral, where it’s possible to pet and play with the many rabbits that live here.The loft/greenhouse-style restaurant serves Thai and Western dishes, fresh coffee, smoothies, pastries and more. Parents can relax and enjoy a coffee break while the children frolic with the rabbits, geese and horses at Rabbit Hole at Phuket. 

9. Andamanda Phuket Water Park

Phuket is always introducing new attractions for families to enjoy, but there is one specific attraction everyone is waiting for eagerly, The Andamanda Phuket. Open soon in early 2022, the Andamanda Phuket will be the island’s largest leisure and family entertainment destination. Sitting on 9 hectares (90,000sqm) of land, this family attraction will highlight Thai culture & heritage. The massive destination promises a large, on-site waterpark with 37 water slides, 19 rides and 20 attractions! Additionally, Andamanda Phuket will have a variety of restaurants and shopping outlets. We can’t wait to explore Andamanda Phuket when it finally opens! 

Every weekend we are constantly exploring new places where we as a family can enjoy a day out together. We hope you find our blog on the best places to spend the day with kids in Phuket useful. And if you have any favorites of your own, please do let us know in the comments below. 

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