Big Fish, located at the beautiful, peaceful Phuket Mariott Resort & Spa – Nai Yang, offers its guests breathtaking views of Nai Yang Beach through its floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors. Guests have the option of sitting inside with air conditioning or out on the fan-cooled patio – each with its own amazing view of the sea. Welcoming both in-house and outside guests, Big Fish is offering the freshest local seafood using simple, yet flavorful recipes to bring out the natural flavors of each dish.

Menu items consist of a wonderful variety of grilled delicacies, as well as an ample amount of vegetarian fare, while signature dishes include Bouillabaisse Soup, Baked Whole Sea Bass and Seafood & Pomelo Salad. However, on this particular day we were lucky to catch a special promotion on incredible cuts of beef! That being said, we were offered an incredible amount of amazing dishes made by the wonderful kitchen team and served by some of the nicest wait staff around!

To start off our culinary journey, we were given fresh Tom Yam bread served with a lovely chili-garlic oil. A little sweet, a little savory and a bit spicy, this soft roll encompassed all things associated with Thai cuisine and was an excellent way to get our appetites going! As predicted, the first dish reached for was the Lobster Thermidor – anything covered in cheese is instantly love at first sight. However, unlike most of these scenarios; it actually lived up to its appeal! Underneath the lovely melted cheese was a beautiful mixture of fresh spinach, plump mushrooms and incredibly flavorful pieces of lobster in a decadent cream sauce. The mixture itself was served in a large lobster shell and receives extra points for its size and presentation!

But if we are going to talk about size, then I must mention the absolute mammoth-sized Tomahawk beef, which I am sorry to say took me a few hours to understand the namesake as I was temporarily blinded by the sheer breadth of what was put before me!

Normally hesitant by the flavor of large pieces of meat, the Tomahawk beef was a nice surprise with tender, soft sections and tougher, more charred sections – it was multiple cuts and textures all in one giant portion, easily shared by 4 people. For a lighter and perhaps healthier meal, one must absolutely try the Brie Cheese & Local Fruit Salad. The decadent, creamy Brie is the perfect match for the crisp and sharp mixed greens and complemented by wonderfully fresh fruit. Cashew nuts add just the right amount of crunch and balance the honey mustard dressing divinely! You really can’t go wrong with this choice!

If it is more of a seafood vibe you are feeling, and rightfully so, we recommend either the Surf & Turf with grilled Australian beef tenderloin, grilled tiger prawn and a beautiful sea bass fillet or the Baked Whole Sea Bass wrapped in a banana leaf with garlic butter and spicy lime sauce. Talk about fresh, simple flavors! These two dishes are the epitome of the splendid marriage found only when pairing the best of what nature has to gives us!

To end your evening at Big Fish, one must try the Caramel Fudge Tart and a strawberry margarita – not necessarily together. Extremely rich and filling, the tart offers the perfect amount of savory-sweet, while a scoop of vanilla ice cream cuts through the density. All in all, a perfect dessert! If it’s the strawberry margarita you opt for, make sure you’ve eaten well, as they mix their drinks fairly strong, but perfectly blended and not over powering! And a seaside margarita is an excellent way to finish off a beautiful meal!

In conclusion, if you are looking for amazing seafood, strong cocktails, impeccable service with views of Nai Yang, Big Fish at Phuket Marriott Resort & Spa is just what you are looking for!

Until Our Next Journey, Eat Well, Laugh Often!

Written By Katie A. From E-Table Asia