Located in a beautiful and secluded area of Phuket, Breeze at Cape Yamu is offering up a unique and delicious way to enjoy Sunday brunch on the island. With one long table, guests are seated next to one another, giving a family-style air to the experience. Happy guests dine on a multi-course menu and sip on beautifully paired wines as the sea breeze brushes through the open-air seating area.

Chef Xavier Charest creates a special menu each week that offers everything from scrambled eggs with truffle oil to the infamous Breeze Burger. The day begins with welcome drinks and a huge selection of starters ranging from oysters to beetroots salad with cheese and quinoa and salmon cake. Guests mingle as they sit by the pool or by the bar and enjoy the stunning sea view.

Once the chef is ready, the first course is served and everyone takes a seat at their prearranged chair with their name on the placemat. On this particular Sunday we were offered an incredible 11-course meal, so it is a good recommendation to not fill up during the first half of brunch, as the mains are still ahead of you and well worth the wait!

Though we could go on an on about each particular dish, it might be best just to highlight the favorites, as there is no guarantee that it will be served when you visit. The Benedict waffle, comfit salmon and fried spinach was a nice surprise. Worried that it would be too sweet, the waffle was a perfect fit for the savory hollandaise and the salmon was light and flakey, adding a good texture when mixed with the poached egg. Another great dish was the Canadian lobster with asparagus and snow peas. Very light and flavorful, the lobster was a great way to prepare for the main course and the fresh veggies were a great palate cleanser. All in all, a great way to balance the heavier dishes, such as duck comfit crepe and Breeze satay with pickled salad.

The main, as expected, was phenomenal – duck breast with carrot puree and sautéed vegetables. Cooked to perfection the duck was tender and lovely, while the carrot puree was good enough to have on its own. Another notable dish came at the end of the meal – a bleu cheese, meringue and peach comfit. So many different flavors and textures come together to make an amazing, unique and delicious dish! However, the greatest part of the nearly 5-hour brunch was the dessert table.

After the last dish was served, Chef Xavier wheeled out a table covered in plastic wrap where he and a handful of other chefs proceeded to cover it in chocolate sauce, caramel, cake, ice cream and chocolate ravioli as guests joyfully gathered to watch the exciting display.

This brunch experience is definitely one to brag about and absolutely one to enjoy time and time again. It is unique in that you engage in conversation with friends and new acquaintances as you take the time to enjoy each other’s company while waiting for each course and watch the day drift by – just as a Sunday should be. If this incredible brunch experience is something you would like to join, reservations are required, as there is limited seating. This brunch was absolutely an experience to remember and something we highly recommend trying at least once. So if you are looking for a new take on brunch in a quiet setting with an amazing chef Breeze at Cape Yamu is a must.

Written By Katie P. From E-Table Asia