Caffeine is located in the Kathu area and is decorated in a vintage/country style. The moment you step onto the cafe’s premises, you can smell the aroma of pizza coming from the traditional brick oven out front. And you’ll realize that it is a cafe and a pizzeria. What better place to go for a nice afternoon lunch and coffee!

You can take a pick of either enjoying the outdoor atmosphere or the cozy indoor seating area. The entire cafe is decorated to give off a cozy, country style atmosphere. With gorgeous armchairs designed in the old days which are now considered a luxury. The room is surrounded with the light brick facade and a collection of clock works from different designers all over Europe. Hanging from the ceiling are the glimmering glass crystal chandeliers, lighting up the entire room.

Whether you are hungry or just here for a nice coffee break, Caffeine is the place to go. With large colorful pizzas fresh;y baked from the oven or a selection of pastas like the Gorgonzola, the homemade beef Lasagna, or perhaps the Capucci Pesto pasta. My personal favorite is the Capucci Ravioli, the pesto sauce is rich and tasty.

Here on a coffee break? Then you must try their home made Tiramisu! It’s not too sweet since they balance all the flavors nicely together. Complimented with a cup of very smooth latte.

The owner is from Italy and his Thai wife runs the place. A cute couple who really enjoy life and have a passion for coffee and pizzas!

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Monday – Saturday From 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

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