Tucked away on a small soi in Chalong, you will find Chalong Bay Distillery and Bar. This tantalizing venue is surrounded by lovely stocks of sugar cane, in which to showcase and educate its guests about their unique and award-winning approach of distillation. While most well-known labels of rum use molasses, a cheap byproduct resulting from refining sugarcane into sugar, Chalong Bay uses 100% Thai sugarcane grown from local farmers without using chemical fertilizers or pesticides and a centuries-old distilling process to create a wonderful product that Phuket can be proud to call its own.

Taking the distillery’s tour is also quite an experience and includes a tasting session and delicious mojito. Tours run every day from 2pm-6pm on the hour.  However, on Tuesdays and Saturdays is when the magic happens and you can enjoy a 2-hour Cocktail Workshop experience that incudes learning how to make 3 amazing cocktails, as well as taking a guided tour of the beautiful distillery. Their expert mixologist will walk you through the making some of their best cocktails, explaining how to make each beverage exactly to your liking. As you sip on your refreshing drinks, you are walked through the distilling process and shown their incredibly charming traditional copper still imported from France, as well as watch a handful of dedicated workers skillfully and expertly put all of the final touches and labels on each bottle by hand.

The Cocktail Workshop also includes delicious tapas that are also available in the bar area.  These include everything from a selection of Mediterranean dips to Paprika shrimp, not to mention the incredible artisan ice cream. And after your workshop has finished, it is not uncommon to sit back and relax with your friends and family to enjoy a few more tapas and cocktails. With tables adorned with fun games and excellent music playing from the speakers above, it’s easy to lose track of time as you sip on your drinks and enjoy the laid back atmosphere.

The venue is also available for private parties and tours and is perfect for a birthday party or a non-formal get together with co-workers for a corporate event. It is very apparent that everything at Chalong Bay is about quality, not quantity, which is why it takes nearly one year to complete the distilling process from start to finish and where the small, close knit group of staff tirelessly and meticulously watch particular parts of the distilling process 24/7 during the peak season to ensure absolute purity. The pride they take in their product is palpable from the tour guide, to the mixologists to the staff who tend to the grounds.

This is why we have put Chalong Bay Distillery and Bar as one of top places in Phuket to visit. Not only is it interactive, but it is fun, the food is delicious, the rum is next level and the staff are incredibly kind and passionate.

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