Nestled at the end of Thalang Road is the Chino @ Cafe Gallery. Distinguished by the natural concrete floor and walls that highlight the Sino (Chinese) features of the building. In front of the cafe is the iconic red bicycle, once a common sight on this road back in the 1800s.

Khun Orn, Co-Owner of Chino, and her boyfriend started this coffee shoin 20017 as an internet cafe. After the internet became easily accessible all over the island, they converted it to their enjoy their hobbies. Khun Orn is a coffee lover (drinks coffee three times a day) and her boyfriend (one of Thailand’s most well-known photographers) combined the concept of nature, coffee and art to their beloved Chino@Cafe Gallery. They also sell handmade Thai products: hand woven hats, bags, hand died fishermen trousers with natural color, and other items.

The outside sitting area is perfect for getting inspiration to write a short story. Especially while it’s raining, when the temperature is nice and cool for sipping a hot cup of aromatic coffee. Listening to the rain trickling down the roof and on to the road and watching the elderly Thai-Chinese strolling along the street.

With selected handmade products using natural materials, such as the กางเกง ชาวเล (hand woven bags selected from the villages in Chiang Mai), you can make your own postcards for loved ones back home.

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Monday – Sunday From 9 a.m. to 7.30 p.m.

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Open Everyday

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