When you think of Patong’s top-shopping center, Jungceylon, the words ‘South American Steakhouse’ may not be the first that come to mind. However, that is sure to change once you’ve visited Churrasco, located in the Phuket attraction’s ‘Restaurant Row’.

The menu at Churrasco, a Spanish and Portuguese term referring to grilled meat, is inspired by the diet of the Argentinian, Uruguayan and Chilean folk heroes – the Gaucho. These nomadic horsemen consumed mostly beef and Yerba Mate, a tea made from leaves of the yerba tree, and are a South American symbol of freedom, strength and horsemanship.

With that in mind, Churrasco Steakhouse in Patong goes out of the way to import only the best cuts of Black Angus and Wagyu beef, deep-chilled, never frozen and wet aged in-house until they reach the perfect grilling requirements. So how can you trust that your steak is in the proper hands, once it reaches the kitchen? Enter in Thai-Swiss Chef Pawlik. With experience at several Michelin-starred restaurants, time spent as an Executive Chef at a 5-Star Swiss Resort and as a member of the Swiss National Culinary Team, Chef Pawlik is perfectly qualified to take your beef from grill to plate.

With a menu the size of a small chapter book, it is quite apparent the level of thought that goes into each and every dish. Wings, salads, pasta and tartars make their appearances – the Yum Nuea (Thai Spicy Beef Salad) is a great dish to get the best of East meets West and the marinated, deep-fried Spicy Chicken Wings are nothing to scoff at! But the pièce de résistance, as you may have already assumed, is the beef. And while there is nothing wrong with enjoying a nice Black Angus tenderloin or ribeye, the phrase ‘go big or go home’ comes to mind. If you have not had the joy of biting into a nice piece of Wagyu beef, this is the perfect opportunity.

Originally hailing from Japan, Wagyu is a breed of cattle known for its incredibly high level of fat marbling. Because Wagyu fat is so soft and has a low melting point, it allows the beef to be unbelievable tender, moist and divine. Pair this with the perfect aging process, a little marinade and some roasted garlic, and you’ve got yourself an out-of- this-world culinary experience. The Chef recommended Wagyu Superburger is also a hit. Super juicy, melt in your mouthand full of flavor.

Another aspect worth mentioning about Churrasco is that though it is located in a busy shopping center, you don’t feel bothered by it. The Latin American music emanating from all around, the gray walls splayed with South American inspired photos, and the bar full of beautiful red wine make this truly a place to come and enjoy the finer things, and certainly the finer beef, in life. All of these things and more make Churrasco South American Steakhouse in Jungceylon a must try for any food lover living in or visiting Phuket.