Coffee Lab – Phuket’s Best Breakfast / Brunch Spot With Fresh Roasted Coffee

One of the best breakfast and brunch spots in the Laguna area is, without a doubt, Phuket Coffee Lab. Bustling with coffee lovers in the mornings and afternoons, Phuket Coffee Lab serves up fresh roasted coffee and an enticing menu of classic cafe favorites with a creative twist. .

One of Phuket’s very own local coffee roasters, Phuket Coffee Lab is a go to place for breakfast and afternoon coffees for many local Phuketians, both Thais & expats alike. Located in the bustling Boat Avenue shopping complex in Cherngtalay, Phuket Coffee Lab roasts small batches of coffee using state of the art roasting methods and technologies. Paired with their freshly brewed coffee is their delicious healthy breakfast dishes and homemade desserts. 

Check out this awesome breakfast, brunch and coffee roaster in Phuket:

A Passion For Coffee Summarized in A Cup At Phuket Coffee Lab

A local coffee roaster located in Boat Avenue in Cherngtalay, Phuket Coffee Lab is known for its fresh roasted coffee, wholesale retail, barista training classes and coffee making equipment. It’s a popular cafe serving up a delicious breakfast and brunch with a healthy twist. A favorite amongst locals and expats who enjoy a strong cup of coffee, Coffee Lab ticks all of the boxes for an amazing cup of coffee in Phuket. 

For those with furry friends, it should be noted that Phuket Coffee Lab is one of the rare pet friendly restaurants in Phuket! So, if you’re out and about with your dog then make sure to stop by here for a fresh cup of coffee. Here you can rest assured that all pets are welcomed. 

The Buzz Of The Town For Coffee Lovers In Phuket…

The moment we stepped into Phuket Coffee Lab, we could feel the energetic buzz. The cafe smelled amazing! The aroma of freshly roasted coffee, the clinking sounds of cutleries as people dug into their mouthwatering egg dishes. The busy tables didn’t stop the staff from flashing us big smiles, showing us to a corner table. Plain and simple, the staff here are great – friendly, efficient, love their coffee and are fantastic at latte art! 

Phuket Coffee Lab is the passion project of Danny Hyams. An Australian expat, Danny bought a small espresso machine and grinder in the late 1990’s when coffee-making equipment started to become affordable to the general public. He was obsessed with the smell and texture of coffee, and was interested in learning more. And learn more he did! Today, Phuket Coffee Lab is one of the most popular cafes on the island. Danny can often be found roasting fresh coffee as customers drop in to dine, or pick up a bag or two of freshly roasted coffee beans or watch as people enjoy a total coffee experience, whether they’re sampling cold brew for the first time or discovering the difference between drip coffee and their normal cup of joe. 

It was mid-afternoon and the team was famished, so we chose a few dishes off of the menu to share and ordered lattes and mochas for a caffeine kick. It didn’t take long before our food arrived and we tucked in. 

Oh My Gourd is a superbly delicious salad with cinnamon roasted pumpkin, spinach, goat cheese, sunflower seeds, raisins and honey lemon dressing. The Eggs Benedict Royale is served on a beautiful blue plate and is stacked with smoked salmon, roe and smothered in a light Hollandaise sauce. The Green Omelette is a tasty zucchini, feta, spinach and tomato omelette served with toast. The veggie combination plus the feta cheese really add to the flavor and texture of the omelette. While it’s a popular breakfast dish, it’s perfect any time of the day! We are pleased with the food and the strong coffee, and after a bit more chit chat, part ways for the remainder of the day. 

E-Table Asia’s Final Thoughts

A popular spot in the Laguna area, Phuket Coffee Lab is a must visit for delicious breakfast plates, brunch options and a piping hot cup of freshly roasted coffee. The cafe is warm and inviting with friendly staff, making it a nice place to grab a bite, enjoy a coffee and choose a table to relax or work from your laptop on. Or, if you are looking for a place to buy coffee beans, Phuket Coffee Lab is your must try local roaster in Phuket. 

Aside from the dishes we dined on the day we visited Phuket Coffee Lab, here’s a roundup of the E-Table Asia team’s personal favorites:

  1. Shakshuka Baked Eggs with a cup of mocha – Susan Borvornpotsakul
  2. Eggs Benedict Royale with a cup of cappuccino – Daniel Villota
  3. Green Omelette with an espresso – Nina Borvonpotsakul
  4. Mushroom toast with a cup of latte – Amy Bensema 

And we’re out … until next time, but we’re looking forward to dropping into Phuket Coffee Lab again real soon! 

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