Daddy’s Antique Cafe & Restaurant offers a quaint, European setting with a unique concept stemming from a son’s longstanding question – “Where to put Dad’s countless antiques?”. With his father being an avid antique collector, owner-operator Nath decided to pass on his father’s love for antiques – a love which for years has been ignited by the desire to preserve memories of the piece’s original owners.

The simple inspiration for this quirky place, which offers some of the best European cuisine in Chiang Mai, is consistent throughout the entire dining experience. Dishes are created using ‘Dad’s style’, which tends to involve generous portion sizes; a consistent process rather than too much attention to fancy details; and well thought out recipes using only the best locally-sourced ingredients.

For anyone with a craving for some good ole’ European comfort food, whether it be a relaxed brunch, lunch or dinner you’re after, Daddy’s Antique offers a cozy spot with both indoor and outdoor seating. The evening vibe is complemented by live acoustic beats on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, making this a rather cool place to hang out with friends.

With collaboration and training from one of Asia’s highly acclaimed comfort cuisine chef’s, the team at Daddy’s Antique puts an emphasis on quality, not quantity of choice with a tasty thirty-three item menu. A popular dish is the Classic Tiramisu made fresh to order with espresso and brandy soaked lady fingers, mascarpone cheese, and cocoa – the combination of a few quality ingredients, coupled with the chef’s intense care, creates a decadent final product to be appreciated by even the most critical dessert connoisseurs.

The handmade pasta is also a must-try; produced fresh from dough to dish by a specially trained pasta chef. Although the choice of pasta dishes can cater for a variety of different taste buds, the Rotolo Bolognese is an interesting try, offering a unique twist on the classic bolognese. Instead of traditional spaghetti, tender pasta is rolled then oven baked with the sauce – a combination of brisket, pork shoulder, béchamel sauce and marinara. A concoction rich with flavour yet soft enough to almost melt in your mouth.

Despite the culinary team’s passion for focusing on authentic European cuisine, a few dishes contain a delicious pinch of Thai influence. For example, the Grilled Smoked Bacon appetizer; a combination of roasted pumpkin puree, hot jalapeno and cilantro salsa offers a western version of traditional Thai flavours – sweet, spicy and salty. The free range bacon steak served is noteworthy in itself, offering a juicy and tender treat for the taste buds.

Along with decadent desserts, Daddy’s Antique has an excellent selection of beverages to complement the dining experience. Ranging from fresh fruit smoothies, to self-indulgent creamy creations, to coffee classics, and for the evening, alcoholic beverages including an excellent range of international craft beers.

With friendly and welcoming service combined with a comfortable environment, visiting Daddy’s Antique Cafe & Restaurant in Chiang Mai is a must-do for those seeking a taste of Europe in terms of both food and atmosphere.