Indulge in Mediterranean restaurant Phuket Favorites and Turkish Delights at EFE Old Town

We were highly anticipating dining at EFE Old Town. As fans of Mediterranean and Turkish cuisine, we were simply blown away by the variety of dishes on the menu as well as the restaurant’s unique interiors and pleasant atmosphere. If you are in Phuket Town and craving Mediterranean classics and Turkish treats, you must visit EFE Old Town!

Dining at EFE Old Town ticks all of the boxes for an enjoyable, delicious experience in Phuket Old Town. Located in a stunning Sino-Portuguese shophouse on Thalang Road, EFE Old Town offers up outstanding cuisine made from authentic, traditional recipes. While you’re waiting for your food, make sure to wander around inside EFE Old Town – this eclectic restaurant in Phuket is filled with vintage goods and antiques, and features many different photogenic spots to take a selfie or two before you eat. 


Famous for its Sunday All-You-Can-Eat special menus featuring a live belly dancer, and delights those walking by with its quirky Turkish Ice Cream Show. 

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EFE Old Town is pure magic in the Heart of Phuket Old Town

From the moment you enter the stylish restaurant on Thalang Road, you are transformed into an eclectic environment of antiques, vintage memorabilia, and stunning light fixtures. The restaurant’s atmosphere is friendly, and due to its popularity, lively with the buzz of chatter from guests dining at the tables. We notice that the signature Sino-Portuguese floor tiles really give the restaurant the Phuket Old Town touch as we are warmly greeted by the wait staff who show us to our table in a quiet corner. As soon as we are seated, an extremely friendly waiter brings us the menu, and without hesitation, recommends popular dishes as well as his personal favorites. It is rare to find such outgoing, enthusiastic wait staff who aren’t shy to communicate in English, and we are really pleased with his hospitality. Service like this adds an additional personal touch to the already warm welcome we received upon entering the restaurant.

Mediterranean Specialities & Turkish Desserts Await At This Eclectic Restaurant

The menu at EFE Old Town is divided into Starters, Soups, Salads, Cold Mezes, Platters, Pastas, Wraps, Burgers, Turkish Pide, Seafood, Main Courses, Kebabs and Desserts. Those dining with children will be happy to find a dedicated Kid’s Menu. The drink menu includes soft drinks, coffee & tea and signature teas served by the glass, in a pot for 4 pax or in a Samovar for 8 pax. 

The dishes at EFE Old Town are prepared fresh and incorporate both imported and local ingredients. While the presentation of each dish is rather simple, don’t be fooled, as everything on the menu is filled with delicious flavors and wonderful textures. Served on beautiful dishware, all of the portions at EFE Old Town are definitely big enough to share. 

We Discovered This Hidden Secret of Phuket Old…

We ordered a variety of dishes in order to sample the various Mediterranean specialities and Turkish delights available on the menu at EFE Old Town. Trust me when I say that we are not disappointed! 

We start with a rich, creamy hummus served with Turkish flat bread, cheese rolls, and Spicy Ezme. The cheese rolls are a moreish snack stuffed with mozzarella and served with a rich dipping sauce. The Spicy Ezme is a Cold Meze of minced tomato, cucumber, green chili, onion and tomato paste. It’s a wonderful accompaniment to the bread. Our taste buds are happy and our tummies growl as Adana Kebab, Beef Kavurma, and traditional Turkish Pide, referred to as Spinach Pizza on the menu, are set down on the table. 

The Adana Kebab is simply outstanding. It’s a spicy minced beef kebab served with Mediterranean salad, red cabbage, Turkish butter rice, flat bread and grilled tomato & chili. The flavors are sensational, and the Turkish butter rice is absolutely luscious. 

We sample the Beef Kavurma next. The delicious dish consists of beef with tomato, onion, and bell peppers with Turkish butter rice and served on a sizzling plate. The aroma of the dish is so fragrant, and each and every bite is packed with flavor. 

The Spinach Pide is a Turkish flat bread pide smothered in mozzarella cheese and topped with spinach. It is a wonderful alternative to traditional pizza, and has a rich, creamy flavor and slightly crisp texture. Everyone on the team agrees it’s delicious as we gobble each and every slice. 

You Haven’t Lived Until You Have Tried Turkish Baklava…

Deliciously rich, buttery, with nutty finely ground pistachios, Baklava is a sweet dessert made from phyllo dough … it’s a dessert fit for an emperor! The Turkish Baklava…we paired this dessert with EFE’s Samovar of black tea and an extra dessert, Turkish ice cream. If you’re ordering the ice cream, make sure to inquire about the fantastic Turkish Ice Cream Show that takes place on the restaurant’s outdoor terrace at the entrance. 

Our Final Verdict of EFE Old Town 

EFE Old Town offers up one of the best Mediterranean and Turkish dining experiences in Phuket. The food is authentic, made from high-end imported Mediterranean ingredients as well as supporting local produce. The presentation is simple but eye-pleasing, and the portions are a great size to share with family and friends. EFE Old Town is a truly delightful dining experience, and one not to be missed if you find yourself wandering the picturesque Thalang Road. 

And last, but not least, because we are sure you will want to know, our favorites include:

  1. Spicy Ezme
  2. Kizartma (when we went back for more)
  3. Adana Kebab
  4. Urfa Wrap (when we went back for more)
  5. Beef Kavurma
  6. Baklava 

As we uncover new restaurants in Phuket, we hope you will enjoy our foodies blog above, let us know in the comments below your thoughts of EFE Old Town once you have tried them out. 

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