Located in the stunning city of Khao Lak, ENZO Bistro Fusion Japanese is a beautiful, authentic dining experience that offers its guests amazing local seafood, as well as imported beef and fish from Japan – even offering the same incredible specialties at its sister location in Phuket. Open for dinner Monday-Sunday, as well as Sunday lunch, ENZO boasts a wide selection of Sake, Shochu and premium Japanese liqueurs, offering professional pairings and degustation courses.

The personal touch of Japanese owner Toshi San, along with his knowledge of Japanese food and drink make this truly an authentic Japanese experience. The lovely architecture and atmosphere, with brick walls, dim lighting, Japanese art and serene music, make ENZO the local hotspot, garnering a high reputation among locals, expats and tourists alike. Though ENZO Khao Lak offers indoor and outdoor seating for nearly 50 guests, reservations are required, as they are often fully booked.

However, once you are in, there is a huge array of amazing cuisine to try. A great way to start is with the Tamagoyaki – a Japanese style cold and sweet egg omelet. Very dense, but very flavorful and a wonderful way to get your appetite going. But if it a warm starter you desire, and if you didn’t already crave it from the smell of the grill, you must try the Yakitori – spit-roasted chicken with a wonderful Japanese sweet sauce. With that lovely smoked flavor and charcoal taste, the Yakitori is something that everyone at the table will enjoy.

As far as mains are concerned, there is really no wrong way to go. With fresh local fish collected daily from the market and incredible imports such as Fatty and Yellowtail tuna, as well as whelk and scallops from Hokkaido, the massive sashimi and sushi menu is everything you could ever hope for. And with a professional, well-trained Japanese chef, you can be sure what you are served is the real deal.

If it’s not seafood you are craving, there are plenty of noodle and soup options from Japanese-style beef curry to Somen – Japanese cold noodle dipped in a traditional soy sauce based reduction. But no matter what you crave, one must absolutely try the Wagyu Yaki – Japanese marbled Wagyu beef served with a volcanic melted rock hot plate from Mt. Fuji – talk about a unique and interactive meal! Wagyu is a breed of cattle from Japan known for its incredibly high level of fat marbling. Because Wagyu fat is so soft and has a low melting point, it allows the beef to be unbelievable tender, moist and divine. With the added fun of cooking your own meal on a hot volcanic rock, this menu item is an unforgettable experience for sure!

But the traditional Japanese cuisine does not stop there. ENZO also offers authentic desserts made with fresh fruits and Bracken-starch dumplings and has also teamed up with Phuket’s Manzoni to deliver its guest with the best, high-quality gelato available!

So, if it is incredible Japanese cuisine, a relaxing atmosphere and wonderful fine-dining experience you are looking for, ENZO Khao Lak is a must-try for anyone’s list, just make sure to reserve your table!

Until Next Time!

Written By Katie A. – E-Table Asia