We arrive at Bliss Beach Club at midday and as our photographer takes advantage of the beautiful light, we take a few moments to soak it all in. Bliss Beach Club is right on Bang Tao Beach which is picture perfect and gloriously sunny with a just a few people enjoying the early afternoon.

The deck and garden of Bliss are mostly shaded with just a few rays reaching through the trees and overhanging roof and there are fans to keep the air moving and lower the temperature.

Two couples with young children sit on the deck  and it looks like everyone has spent the morning swimming, one couple are helping their little girl rinse off under the shower while the others relax close to the pool. At another table three American guys chat over beers and you get the feeling they will be probably be hanging out here all day and why not?

We get started with a “Blissjitos” which we figure will be blissful mojitos and indeed they are; served with a stick of sugarcane and a subtle hint of mint and brown sugar. Light, not syrupy and very refreshing.

We order some tapas and they arrive quickly; a plate of “Taco Shimi”; tuna sashimi with avocado and seaweed, garnished with sour cream and salmon eggs alongside “Bangkok Nachos”; wagyu striploin with jalapeno chilli which tastes smoky, spicy and delicious.

We scoop a bit of everything onto our plates with the homemade guacamole and tortillas straight from the oven and order another round of drinks.

For dessert we have “Chocolate Spring Rolls” with fresh strawberries and with just a touch of fresh mint which takes the already heavenly combination to a whole new level.  This is a great dessert for sharing when everyone is satisfied but just wants a little taste of something sweet after their main meal and it goes down well with us.

Both of these starters come on a platter of bite sized portions, beautifully presented on a corn chip which gives these lovely light starters a satisfying crunch as well as being fun to share.

Around us the music is getting a little louder and up tempo as more guests start to arrive straight off the beach as well as through the door.

We opt for Mexican style mains and happily build our “Chicken Fajitas” amid the easy mingling going on around us.

Along with the fajitas we have “Carnitas” which is slow cooked pulled pork and it has a little sweetness which contrasts nicely with the spicy jalapeno chilli and the fresh coriander sprinkled on top, and of course the smoky chicken dish with bell peppers.

As we finish up our coffee we can overhear casual introductions being made, people are from all over the world and they’re obviously relaxed and friendly following their morning run or swim and with a cocktail in hand.

The layout of the place seems to make it easy to strike up a conversation or just chill with your own group and it is easy to imagine lounging around for most of the day with maybe the occasional dip in the sea; it’s like having your living room on the beach!

It’s all in the name, it really is bliss.

Written By Alison, E-Table Asia