Just driving up to the Kata Rock’s stunning resort, high on the hill overlooking Kata Beach, you know that you are in for a treat. With breathtaking views that are amplified by the aqua blue infinity pool and white décor, you have the choice of sitting poolside or indoor, both with equally wonderful sights of the Andaman.

With Executive Chef Laia Pons at the reins in the kitchen, Kata Rocks menu is full of Mediterranean and Thai cuisine, each with a unique gourmet twist. For a colorful and refreshing starter, we recommend the beetroot tartar with green apple, avocado, lime and mustard. Though it may look like a lot, this dish is actually incredibly light and crisp. The tart green apples give a wonderful balance to the earthy beetroot, while the mustard and avocado offer a bit of creaminess and tang. This is a great way to brighten up your taste buds for the main course! However, if you are keen on sharing, the seafood platter for two is not only beautiful to look at, but is amazingly fresh and chock full of boiled lobster, fine de claire oysters, shrimps and crab, served with mayonnaise and cocktail sauce – a wonderful way to share a lovely dining experience.

As for the mains, there are two that stand out – the salt-crusted branzino and the Wagyu beef tenderloin rosinni. The branzino, seabass in salted white egg crust, is delicate, moist and flakey with a beautiful marriage of tomato, coriander, lemon and extra virgin olive oil. Everything brilliantly comes together for a wonderfully light, yet filling main.

This dish is meant for two, and is another great way to share an exquisite meal at this intimate and charming restaurant. The Wagyu beef, however, is to die for – topped with pan-seared foie gras and served with creamy mashed potato and thyme sauce, the tenderloin melts in your mouth, while the foie gras adds a delicious richness and texture to the dish. The mashed potatoes are perfectly blended and provided a much-welcomed buttery side with hints of thyme. This dish is quite simply amazing and will definitely fill you up!

But I would not leave Kata Rocks without trying their warm chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream. The perfect blend of nutty, bitter, sweet and savory, the molten middle is addictive. The ice cream provides a wonderful balance, while simultaneously making the hot chocolate an edible temperature. Very rich, very delicious and absolutely a reason to come back time and time again, this chocolate dessert is tiers above the rest.

With secluded, panoramic views, a skilled and talented chef and one of the best dining experiences from any restaurant in Phuket, Kata Rocks is an absolute must-try for anyone on the island wanting to know where to eat in Kata. We will certainly be back again!

For more info about Kata Rocks visit: http://www.katarocks.com/dining/