During the low season Les Diables, located at the wonderful Boat Lagoon in Koh Kaew, has rolled out a new and exciting Sunday menu, changing to creative and fun themes each week, such as Bastille Day, Family-style Sunday Lunch and Medieval Banquet.

We were lucky to join them for their 4th of July Sunday celebration filled with American classics and plenty of Chef Peter Webber’s infamous desserts!

Served buffet style, Chef Peter concocted loads of traditional American holiday food, such as potato salad, deviled eggs, apple pie, roasts and even a grill station with hamburgers, grilled chicken and hot dogs. With views of all the beautiful yachts and a nice breeze coming from the water, Les Diables Sunday roasts are a staple to many long-term expats, locals and travelers alike.

At this particular event, there were full tables, smiling faces and happy stomach all around. And though the grill station was clearly a crowd favorite, offering burgers will all of the fixings, plus some more quality products, such as whole grain mustard, the favorite among the adults and children was the chocolate brownies. I am not exactly sure of the ingredients, I am pretty positive there was more quality chocolate in one brownie than most people eat in a month; however, they were incredibly rich, moist and addictive. I even saw one patron pile four onto one plate!

But let’s not forget the apple pie. It certainly would not be an American celebration without it, and this one in particular was hit ball out of the park. The apples were soft, but not mushy, the amount of cinnamon was spot on, and the crust was flaky, buttery, a little savory and perfect with the fresh whipped cream!

As Chef Peter made his way around to each guests table, he made sure everything was on par and in the old American fashion – also making sure that the vegetarians in attendance had their fill of his impeccable pasta salad. Everyone seemed to enjoy their time with friends and family and was one of the few times that I actually noticed people talking and laughing together at a table instead of starring at their phones.

If you are looking for an excellent restaurant in Phuket with an incredible chef, or just want to know where to eat in Koh Kaew, check out Les Diables, particularly on Sunday to see what other fun themes Chef Peter comes up with!