Located on a small road off of the busy Soi Sai Yuan headed toward Nai Harn, you will find Lucky 13’s newest addition to the island, Lucky 13 Bar & Grill. Serving amazing grilled meats and seafood, this beautiful restaurant sits atop the 7th floor of the lovely BTR Suites Hotel and is complete with stunning views and a beautiful infinity pool. With refreshing cocktails and a vast menu of sashimi, skewers, Thai favorites and incredible desserts, Lucky 13 Bar & Grill is setting the standard high for grilled meats and fresh seafood on the island!

One notable aspect of this suave new eatery is that each table is offered a complimentary starter to kick start their appetite. Ours happened to be some incredible grilled chicken sewers with pineapple, bell peppers and onion – a great way to be introduced to the restaurant’s grill concept. Other fantastic ways to start the evening is with the sesame tuna sashimi or Sizzling Gambas served on a hot plate with melted garlic butter. Both made with incredibly fresh seafood, each is expertly made with flavor and skill from the restaurant chefs.

However, as far as mains are concerned, you would absolutely be missing out if you didn’t try at least one of their delicious and enormous meat skewers. With many options, including crocodile, we recommend the seafood skewer and the mixed meat skewer. Each beautifully displayed on hanging racks and accented with beautiful bell peppers, red onions and fresh corn on the cob, these delectable rows of deliciousness are enough to make anyone’s stomach happy. The seafood skewer boasts large pieces of tuna, salmon, a giant prawn and half of a large crab, all grilled to perfection with subtle flavors of the onions and peppers intertwined. The same goes with the mixed meat skewer with big portions of pork, lamb, beef and chicken – all harboring the lovely smoky charcoal flavor of the grill. These are perfect for sharing with a table of friends and a great way to engage in your cuisine in a family dining fashion.

If it is more of a meal for one you are looking for, we recommend the Grade-A Australian beef tenderloin. Grilled again with that smoky grill flavor, this beautiful piece of meat is served with some of the best homemade fries we have had on the island! And don’t forget dipping sauce, as Lucky 13 Bar & Grill has also mastered these as well! Our favorite is the hollandaise sauce, which goes nicely with everything!

You will be happy to know that the desserts are equally incredible! We were lucky to be able to try the Millefeuille, also known as a Napoleon. With two layers of baked puff pastry filled with lemon and vanilla cream and loads of fresh berries, this was a tart and perfectly sweet ending to an incredible meal with beautiful views, a relaxed atmosphere and wonderful staff.

If you are in the Nai Harn area and are craving delicious grilled meats and a unique dining atmosphere, Lucky 13 Bar & Grill should definitely be on your list of places to check out!