A Delicious Mexican Fiesta In Phuket At Mamasita Mexican

Anytime is a good time for a Fiesta! Gather your amigos and get ready for a feast with this Mexican Fiesta menu at Mamasita! 

A lively cantina-style Mexican restaurant located at the entrance to Laguna Phuket, Mamasita Mexican is the island’s go-to restaurant for fresh, tasty Mexican food. Open Monday to Saturday from 4:00pm – 10:00pm, the restaurant features indoor and outdoor seating, is 100% family owned and offers free WiFi. 

Get information on Mamasita Mexican Restaurant here: https://directory.e-table.asia/listings/mamasita-mexican-restaurant-phuket/ 

Mamasita Mexican – A Lively Cantina-Style Mexican Restaurant In Phuket

Stepping inside Mamasita Mexican takes you straight to Mexico. The cantina-style Mexican restaurant features beautiful murals on the wall reminiscent of ‘Day of the Dead’ and is decorated with colorful Mexican prayer flags. The atmosphere is complemented by a soundtrack of upbeat tunes, and a very welcoming wait staff. We choose a table and are immediately brought over menus and asked, “Would you like to order margaritas?” We giggle, wonder if it’s too early in the afternoon, but order a Margarita on the rocks and a Mango Margarita anyway! Looking through the menu we know we’re in for a treat as it’s evident all of the Mexican food prepared at the restaurant is made from authentic recipes. 

Cheesy Nachos, Tacos, Enchiladas – A Fiesta Of Flavors

Always bear in mind when ordering food at Mamasita, they are famous for serving up heaping plates of delicious Mexican food from authentic recipes. With a focus on fresh produce and quality ingredients, each dish is well presented, extremely tasty and without a doubt, the truest Mexican food you can find in Phuket. 

Attention to detail goes into each and every dish, and it’s the little things, like using seedless limes which are larger, juicier and sweeter, which really make a difference. The guacamole is made fresh daily, and the corn tortillas are homemade, too. The menu items are all classic Mexican favorites – tacos, fajitas, enchiladas, burritos, quesadillas – and of course, premium tequila with a squeeze of lime for good measure! Dining at Mamasita is truly a fiesta of flavors. For those interested, it should be noted that the restaurant offers vegetarian and vegan options as well. 

It’s Mexican FIESTA TIME!!!

We were excited and open to trying everything at Mamasita. After speaking to the charming owner of the establishment, we decided on Queso Fundido with Chorizo, Tacos al Pastor, a classic Burrito with chicken, and Flaming Tequila Fajitas. We were not disappointed…


As soon as the Queso Fundido with Chorizo came out, every one of us put down our cameras and phones and immediately grabbed some homemade corn chips and dug in. Queso Fundido is a dish of rich, gooey, hot melted cheese and spicy chorizo. It’s scrumptious, and satiates our appetites while leaving us wanting more. It was a great start to our Mexican fiesta.

The rest of the dishes are served up quickly. The moment they arrived we were shouting out “holy guacamole!”, the dishes were large enough to share! And honestly, the food is just so mmm mmm mmm good! 

The Burrito…oh the classic burrito….was stuffed with tender chicken and spiced just right. The burritos are filled with traditional stuffing including Mexican rice, refried beans, cheese and shredded carrots for a true authentic taste.  Mamasita’s Tacos al Pastor has a special twist of their own, chargrilled pineapple, the flavor adds a bit of sweetness to the tacos which isn’t overbearing – simply delicious.

The next dish came out with a loud sizzling sound and everyone turned their heads to see if the restaurant was on fire. It was the Flaming Tequila Fajitas, which are lit with fire, served on a screaming hot skillet and sizzle all the way to the table . Fajitas are a staple dish in Mexico, and we enjoy stuffing the corn tortillas with the meat and veggies while slathering on salsa and sour cream. Each bite of the fajitas is a mouthwatering experience. As the meal comes to an end, we are completely satisfied and already planning our next trip to Mamasita Mexican. This time we remembered to bring our entire family or a group of friends to share with so we can try out their other Mexican dishes.

If You Love Authentic Mexican – You Don’t Want To Miss Out Mamasita

These are our final words to you – Mamasita Mexican is a wonderful choice for those who love authentic Mexican food. All of the recipes use fresh ingredients which result in a spicy, citrusy flavor explosion. 

And as always, here are our favorites Mexican Dishes at Mamasita Mexican in  Phuket:

  1. Flaming Tequila Fajitas 
  2. Tacos Shrimp “Diabla” (when we went back for more)
  3. Burrito Classic with Chicken 
  4. Enchiladas with Grilled Beef (when we went back for more)
  5. Queso Fundido with Chorizo
  6. Tacos al Pastor
  7. Tortilla Soup (when we went back for more)
  8. Vegetarian Nachos (when we went back for more)
  9. Plain Cheese Quesadilla (even the kids loved it!)

Until next time… make sure to share your experience at Mamasita Mexican in the comments below. We’d love to hear your thoughts. 

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