Palm Seaside Restaurant, Lounge & Bar, located on a quiet street along stunning Surin Beach, offers some of the freshest seafood and spectacular views on the island. In their open-air restaurant fitted with booth-style tables surrounded by water and side tables with spectacular views of the Andaman, Palms Seaside is all about freshness, presentation, and friendly service. With an extensive menu of oysters, sushi, fresh lobster and pastas, Palms Seafood caters to all spectrums of the seafood lover scale.

To greet us was a beautiful platter of easily the largest Surathani oysters I have ever seen. Served with all of the traditional fixings; fish sauce; fried garlic; and chilies, one might feel a bit nervous to ingest such a crustacean in on slurp, but I can tell you that it is possible! Very smooth and delicate, the oysters were every bit as delicious as they were large. This is definitely a way to get one’s appetite started. However, another notable starter is the toast Skagen, This dish is very light and flavorful with fresh prawn and dill infused mayonnaise served with white and wheat toast. The dill offers a nice, refreshing flavor to the prawn, making it the perfect way to wake up your taste buds.

As we finished the last piece of toast, we were presented with a lovely seafood platter filled with lobster, oysters, prawn and crab on ice. This was certainly a sight for sore eyes and offered the freshest and best ingredients right from the sea! With no seasoning but a bit of lemon and a few dipping sauces, this platter is an absolute must try to experience seafood at its most natural and best state and is enough for 3-4 people. However, the favorite of the day was the white snapper with lime sauce. Served on a platter with a lit flame underneath, the boiling sauce gives off an amazing citrus aroma with hints of chili and garlic. The fish itself was fall-off-the-bone tender, flaky, and had the wonderful fresh taste that only the best seafood has! No dips, rice or sides needed for this beauty – it was amazing on it’s own!

With the sheer amount of incredible cuisine around, a refreshing cocktail may be the last thing on your mind. However, it should definitely not be missed. The stunning seaside bar is manned by skilled bartenders who make amazing lychee-ginger mojitos and rum melon balls, which go perfectly when dining during the sunset and listening to the ever-incredible sounds of the waves.

Palms Seaside is truly the best of both worlds (the sea and the beach). If you are looking for an excellent seafood restaurant in Phuket, or just need to know where to eat in Surin this is a definite must-try!