Located in the heart of the beautiful Khwan Beach Resort on Koh Samui, Passa Restaurant is serving up guests, locals and travellers alike, delicious contemporary fusion cuisine at its poolside venue. With a breezy and natural atmosphere, which includes several water features, a beautiful wall mural and a stunning wooden bar and open kitchen, the staff at Passa feels more like a family, choosing quality over quantity and holding a vast knowledge of travel and fine wine to heighten theirs guests’ experience.

On the kitchen side of Passa, you’ll find Chef Bart Van Dyck. Hailing from Antwerpen, Belgium, Chef Bart grew up surrounded by Michelin Star rated restaurants and was strongly influenced by his family’s love of food. His menu is meant to awaken all of the senses using different flavors, spices, textures and colors. A prime example of this would be Chef’s Caprese salad with fresh buffalo mozzarella, two kinds of tomatoes, and fresh basil, atop a basil tomato gelatin. It may take a few bites to get used to, but the combination of textures really does make the flavors more vibrant and noticeable.

For mains, the small but well-rounded menu is full of wonderful favorites with a twist, such as the Sea Bass filet with mint, green curry and eggplant caviar, or the succulent duck breast served with thyme potatoes and pomelo fruit. However, the menu favorite was the grass-fed beef with truffle mashed potatoes, Thai mushrooms and truffles jus – a beautiful dish with high quality beef and an amazing sauce that will leave you wanting seconds.

But whatever one chooses to dine on, it is absolutely imperative to save room for dessert. And by dessert, we mean the incredible tarte tatin with green apple, cinnamon, calvados and a bright green apple flavored shaved ice served in a charming little jar. The flavored ice is what really makes the dessert, not because of what it is on its own, but because of the dimension, different temperature and texture it brings when paired with a beautifully baked tarte tatin still warm from the oven.  

And when you are finished enjoying this amazing confection, what better way to end a meal than with a wonderful glass of fine wine from their extensive wine list, or with a delicious cocktail served up by the lovely bartender? Either of these choices goes perfectly with the dim lighting, cool breeze, and poolside location… truly a laid-back island vibe with class.

However, don’t feel bad if your evening is full, as Passa is also open for breakfast and lunch, sporting menu items with just as much flavor and personality as its dinner counterpart. Passa at Khwan Beach Resort is truly showing what it means to be an inclusive resort restaurant, welcoming diners from all over the island to come relax, enjoy a few cocktails, and of course, awaken their senses to an incredible menu served by an even more incredible staff.

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