Raw Cafe, located on the main road to Rawai, is great place to go for a relaxing coffee or lunch break. The moment you walk in you’ll feel rejuvenated by the wonderful lush garden surroundings. Sure, it’s not a fancy air-conditioned cafe but it sure does have its own unique Charisma!

It was hard for us to pick a spot to sit because of the variety of seating areas. The front house concrete bar is great for those who like to people watch and hear a bit of activity outside. The breakfast bar, absolutely beautiful, is great for having a nice morning meal or breakfast bowl, which is a mixture of almonds, dates, coconuts and tropical fruits served with cashew milk! How authentic is that?!

In the back of the house, you can choose either to dine the Thai way sitting on the floor with a nice ground table to make it more convenient for all. Or perhaps you want to go for a more convenient way with a proper table and chair setting. Wondering where we finally decided to take a seat? The Thai way of course! Nothing beats grounding yourself by the lush green grass watching the rain pour down, inhaling the aroma of refreshing grass and feeling breeze swipe through your hair.

Their menu consists of many healthy choices whether it would be breakfast, burgers, sushi, or their special raw Sagna! And for their dessert, every piece is served like a piece of art.

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Opening Hours:

Monday – Sunday From 9 a.m. to 8.30 p.m.

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Open Everyday

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