Upon walking into the stunning Silk Restaurant & Bar, you are immediately thrown back by the breathtaking view of the Andaman from the floor to ceiling windows that spread across the front of the dining area. Situated on the lush green hills of Kamala at the beautiful Andara Resort & Villas, Silk offers guests and walk-ins a fine-dining experience without the need to glam yourself up from head to toe – though, it’s fun to do so anyway.

With two head chefs, one in charge of Western cuisine and the other of Thai cuisine, it’s easy to see why the menu is chock full of traditional dishes, international favorites and a good portion of fusion delights. Chef Tino and Chef Oey make a great team as guests enjoy anything from pizza to green curry.

To start our evening, we were greeted with a beautifully plated sesame encrusted tuna steak garnished with beetroot vanilla puree and lemon peppermint hummus. Not only was the dish tender, flakey and light, but the flavor combinations were so interesting and delightful that one can’t help but continually eat until it has disappeared, just to pin point each distinct flavor. As we relaxed in the intimate, yet large dining space lined with beautiful wooden floors and panels, we watched the sunset over the sea and resort infinity pool. To make the moment perfect, we were offered amazing homemade salmon ravioli with saffron-lemon butter sauce and glazed cherry tomatoes.

If you are unsure which dish to try here, this is definitely a must-try on the restaurant’s vast menu. With perfectly cooked pasta, the salmon inside remained flakey and flavorful while the butter sauce gave it a zesty, light, yet very rich flavor.

For our final dish we were lucky to have another must-try – this being from the restaurant’s Thai menu. To begin to explain, let’s just say that people always have their favorite go-to spots – whether it’s for pizza, coffee or foie gras – and it is hard to convince them there is any better place. The same goes for Khao Soy in Phuket. A dish hailing from Northern Thailand, Khao Soy is a curry and coconut flavored noodle soup served with a side of spices, lime, onions and pickled vegetables. Everyone has their own unique way of making and serving Khao Soy and I can easily say that Silk has topped the list as the best Khao Soy I have had on the island. Creamy, with the perfect balance of coconut and curry and the right amount of fried-crispy noodles, the diner has their choice as to how much spice and how to eat their Khao Soy, which I believe is the winning combination.

As the sky turned dark and the candles at each table were lit, we were fully content and convinced that Silk may be one of the most versatile resort restaurants with one of the most amazing views of the stunning Phuket sunset, which makes this the perfect place to go for a romantic dinner for two or a joyful gathering of friends and family.