When first entering Suay restaurant in Phuket Town, it’s easy to forget that you are in the hustle and bustle of it all. Surrounded by a beautiful garden, this country-style eatery has fast become one of the most sought after places to dine on the island after only six years since its opening. Though there is seating for nearly 80 people, the layout of the restaurant makes it feel very intimate and exclusive.

Chef Tammasak, a graduate of Ueberkingen Culinary School in Germany, has had his fair share of culinary experience in Phuket’s high-end hotels and resorts, but most notably was appointed as Iron Chef of European cuisine for the well known TV show Iron Chef Thailand – though you would never know it by talking to him because he is so down to earth and approachable.

A good place to start on his menu is definitely his signature dish, Laab Tuna – tuna tartar with northeast (Isan) spices. Very light, fresh and flavorful, the Laab Tuna is absolutely a wonderful combination of European and Thai cuisine and would please even the most delicate palate. But the excellent flavor combinations don’t stop there. In fact, they are spread throughout the vast and inventive menu that Chef Tammasak has developed over the years, landing Suay with a Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor and in the top five places to eat in Phuket Town.

Another notable and creative fare offered is the Phuket-style quiche Loren – a crab curry quiche, green asparagus and truffle vinaigrette served with tobiko mayonnaise. An excellent combination of flavors, this dish will have you wondering why no one ever thought to create it sooner! The quiche is light and flaky and the crab subtle as the curry flavor dances throughout each bite – a true homage to Phuket cuisine. And if you thought that fusion was only for food, think again!

Suay’s beverage menu also includes wonderful fusion combinations, such as the Tom Yum Rum and Coke and the Roselle Long Island. As a repeated customer, one could go on about their favorite dishes or the delectable rotating specials, which recently included Grilled Aus Beef Taco Rossini with Foie Gras and Apple Salad, but what makes Suay so special is Chef Tammasak’s passion and dedication to his art. In fact, he is so dedicated that he is now even offering his divine menu for special events and weddings after much demand.

Of course, each menu is set according to the client’s particular taste and wishes, he says with a smile, but you know that there will be a little fusion flair throughout the meal, it just wouldn’t be Suay if there wasn’t.

So if you are unsure if you are craving Thai or European cuisine, or just want to try something incredible and different, Suay is definitely the place to go and let your taste buds run loose. With an amazing menu, dedicated chef and beautiful atmosphere, it’s easy to see what has made this Phuket gem leave its mark on the local dining scene and no doubt be around for generations to come.

By Katie, E-Table Asia