When most think of Kata Beach, loads of tourists or very fine dining usually comes to mind. However, one place is breaking down the barriers and has created one very inclusive place fit for people of all walks of life, income and residency status.

Surf House, located on the beach road in Kata, combines fun, food, drinks and the beach all in one. With an outdoor Double FlowRider, which provides a continuous wave to surf on all day, every day, tables with a view, and excellent DJs for a great soundtrack, it is the perfect place to be near the beach and have a bite to eat and a few drinks without the large crowds and copious amounts of sand.

During rainy season, the wave keeps on going with comfortable indoor seating with a nice breeze from the beach and excellent view of the flowboarders. Surf specials include the ever-popular Ladies Night on Friday, where women surf for free from 9pm to 11pm and the Junior Special on Sunday, in which children 15 years and younger receive two hours for the price of one from 6pm to 9pm. The menu is just as fun as the atmosphere, offering up both Thai favorites and creative European cuisine. If you don’t get caught up in your surroundings, which is very easy to do, you will see that the menu is bountiful and has something for everyone.

Luckily we had quite the feast set in front of us. The first thing that caught my eye was, of course, the Big Kahuna Burger. And just as its name suggests, it was enormous.

With a big juicy patty smothered in cheese and topped with egg, crisp bacon, onion and pineapple, this beauty was incredible. In fact, it was just what you would hope for when ordering a burger. The flavors melded perfectly together and the pineapple added a nice bit of sweetness without being too overpowering. Next up was a beautiful display of tiger prawn atop a Pad Thai stuffed omelet. As always, I am very interested to see what each restaurant’s take on Pad Thai is, and this was excellent. Not as spicy as some of your other Pad Thais (though you can always add your own!) this was cooked wonderfully with the perfect amount of bite to the noodles, a great peanut flavor and little hidden gems of tofu throughout. I actually ended up coming back to this dish time and time again throughout the meal! Another beauty on the table was the Kata Crispy Chicken with its tangy, sweet barbecue sauce, melty cheese, egg, onion and tomato on a bright red bun. This pile of deliciousness was lovely. Very crispy, very tender chicken with the perfect amount of barbecue sauce and a side of fries – what more could you ask for? Except maybe for the last dish… the Surfer’s Lamb Wrap with lettuce, peppers, and a smoky, spicy sauce all wrapped around tender, flavorful pieces of lamb. A wonderful combo with the crisp lettuce giving a bit of a cool crunch to the warm wrap. This is definitely a go-to menu item if you can’t decide what to get! And yet, what would any meal be without dessert?

We were lucky to try the gigantic chocolate brownie with almonds and good quality vanilla ice cream. The brownie was warm, decadent, rich and dense with a perfect contrast in flavors with the cool, creamy ice cream. The perfect ending to a spectacular meal!

However, one must not forget that Surf House is also a bar with a huge selection of drinks as well! Excellent Happy Hour specials include 650 baht beer towers from 7pm to 9pm and buy 2 get 1 free cocktails from 6pm-8pm. So sit back, relax and catch a wave or two at Surf House in Kata – a must-try for locals, expats and tourists alike!