Hidden in a small road off of Soi Rat-u-Thit in Patong, The 9th Floor is one of those hidden gems that you didn’t know that you’d been missing. Upon first entering the premises, one might think that their GPS had steered them wrong. However, as the elevator climbs to the ninth floor of an old building that has seen better days, the doors open to a bevy of smiling faces, chic décor and a view to die for. With sliding glass floor to ceiling windows, The 9th Floor offers amazing panoramic views of both Patong City and the Andaman, with an open-air feel. Sitting window side is both stunning and thrilling as you feel the wind upon your face with only a waist-high glass partition separating you and the outside world.

To get your appetite started, we recommend the beetroot and tangerine salad with shallots and raspberry vinaigrette. The earthiness of the beetroot is well balanced with the sweetness of the tangerine, with the raspberry offering a slight tang. The lightness of the dish is perfect and will leave you ready for more without any added fullness.

As for soup, the absolute must-try is the chilled avocado with spicy tomato salsa. The creaminess of the avocado base with subtle notes of garlic and smooth olive oil is the perfect balance for the fresh burst of flavor from the tomato salsa. In fact, it is so delightful, that it is almost difficult to imagine having something better after.

Luckily, this is not the case. The menu is full of amazing mains to which many repeat customers come time and time again for their go-to favorites. However, there are two that stand out. The sea bass branzino baked in a secret crust of herbs and served with mushrooms, rice, bell peppers and sweet chili sauce is a lovely combination of Asian and Mediterranean flavors. The light breading is very flavorful and offers an excellent texture when combined with the flaky, tender fish. This is a great main to have while enjoying a few glasses of wine or cocktails, as it is filling, but not so much so that you feel like you over did it.

The second main that is recommended is the Australian tenderloin wrapped in Parma ham and topped with an herb butter sauce. The cut is exquisite, tender and almost melts in your mouth while the Parma ham brings in an excellent amount of saltiness, texture and flavor. The herb butter is the perfect topping for the duo, offering a creamy and light tang to the dish.

As for desserts, The 9th Floor offers anything from a wonderful mixed cheese platter with Roquefort, Brie, Emmental and Gruyère, to decadent chocolate fondue with fresh fruit.

However, a very good choice would be to try the caramelized warm spring rolls filled with stewed fruits, accompanied by a scoop of vanilla ice cream. It is a wonderful mixture of fruit flavors melding with cinnamon and nutmeg paired with the crispiness of the spring roll and cool, subtle sweetness of the vanilla ice cream – truly a fantastic ending to an incredible meal.

For the view, the food, the wine and fantastic service, The 9th Floor is highly recommended to anyone wanting a truly unique and unforgettable dining experience in the heart of Patong and is an absolute must for anyone visiting Phuket.