If you need a bit of a break to forget your surroundings, head south to The Green Man Pub & Restaurant, just past the Chalong Circle on the way to Kata. Built in traditional pub style with beautiful gardens, rich wood upholstery and ceiling beams, dim lighting and down-right home cooking with amazing beer and ciders on offer, The Green Man is a well-known, not-so-hidden reprieve from the day to day island life, a unique and killer combo.

But it is not just the escape that draws people to this charming eatery; it also serves as a place of community, hosting choir practice, salsa lessons and even offering a spot for the local bridge club to come play a game or two. This alone provides enough reason to make your way to their doors any day of the week. However, the food is just on the next level. If your surroundings and the sense of community didn’t have you feeling right at home, the food is the pure definition of comfort food. With huge portions and homemade recipes made with just as much love as it is knowledge of food history, The Green Man’s menu is chock-full of breakfast favorites, lunch go-tos and dinner staples.

For starters, you can’t go wrong with the BBQ chicken wings or the chicken liver pate. Each offers their own loveliness, but if you are missing delicious BBQ sauce, the wings are your best bet. Sweet, savory, a bit spicy, these little pieces of heaven are the perfect way to amp up your appetite. Served with homemade pickles, The Green Man’s wings are a must-try and are great with a cold brew!

If it’s a little Mexican fare you are after, the tacos are nothing to scoff at and are stuffed with seasoned ground beef goodness, tons of cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and served with amazing homemade salsa and sour cream. But beware, this dish is difficult to share!

For mains, there are two standout dishes to satisfy your hunger. The fish n’ chips, served with homemade tartar sauce, or the proper way with a healthy portion of good vinegar, and the lamb shank in an incredible stewed sauce and serve with mash potatoes. You really can’t go wrong with either, but if it the best of the best home cooking you are after, the lamb shank with a glass of red wine will melt all your worries away! Tender, savory, rustic with a tinge of rosemary throughout, this massive dish embodies what food is all about!

To end your evening there are several decadent choices, but the chocolate mousse and the cheesecake are highly recommended. Both incredibly rich, filling and just the right amount of sweet, these two confections are not only a flawless way to finish your meal, but a surefire way to have you coming back for more!

Very few places on the island give you a truly authentic feeling of being at home, but The Green Man Pub & Restaurant is at the top of our list for delicious food, an amazing atmosphere that brings the community together and just a wonderful place to be in general.

We will be back there soon enough!

Written By Katie P. – E-Table Asia