The Riverside Bar & Restaurant is by far one of the most timeless and iconic restaurants in Chiang Mai – however it’s more than just a restaurant! With an incredible range of food on offer, talented house bands performing every night, and multiple dining atmospheres to choose from, The Riverside is a complete entertainment venue. Since its establishment in the early eighties, diners from all walks of life have come together to enjoy the city’s nightlife at Riverside; now more than three decades later the vibe still remains vibrant and homey with both local and tourists as their patrons.

It was in 1984 when four Thai and Dutch friends decided it was time that Chiang Mai had a cool place to hang out, a place where they could also share their musical talents in what was, at that time, a rather sleepy Northern Thai town. They rebuilt an old wooden house on the east bank of the Ping River, performed classic folk, rock and bluegrass hits, and developed an extensive menu of Western and Thai favourites; a combination which drew visitors from both the Thai and international community. Over the years, Riverside Bar & Restaurant has expanded to offer additional dining settings including the Ping River dinner cruise, as well as “Riverside by the waterfall” and “Craft Beer Factory” (located on the opposite side of the road).

Offering a massive selection of top-notch International and Thai Cuisine ranging from sandwiches, burgers, fresh salads, to colorful curries, steamed or deep fried fish, tasty Thai delicacies and classic desserts; there’s certainly something to please everybody’s taste buds. The Hors d’oeuvres Chiang Mai is a customer favourite offering a taste of authentic Northern Thai cuisine with spicy sausage, crispy fried pork rind, steamed vegetables, and an accompanying smoked eggplant chilli paste for dipping. Another highly recommended Thai dish is the Crispy Deep Fried Tabtim fish served with assorted herbs and Tamarind Sauce. For a more Western fix, choose from a variety of different steaks served with vegetables and french fries, baked potato or croquette.

With live music performances every night by some of Chiang Mai’s most talented musicians, Riverside has recently contributed even further to Chiang Mai’s live music scene by  launching their Thursday Jam Nights. Held weekly at the Craft Beer Factory, anyone is welcome to come along and share their musical talents in a relaxed atmosphere.

To this day The Riverside Bar & Restaurant remains a Chiang Mai landmark and must-visit for those craving a satisfying meal accompanied by quality live music in a cozy ambiance. Experience for yourself the incredible vibe which has kept people coming back for the past three decades and surely will continue to draw crowds for many more years to come.