Tucked away in the beautiful Trisara resort, you will find stunning views of the Andaman, a well-stocked bar, and the beautiful Seafood at Trisara restaurant. Surrounded by lush greenery, amazing architecture and the incredible blue sea, Seafood at Trisara is a dining experience to remember.

With friendly staff escorting you to your table and tending to all of your culinary needs, this lovely eatery has taken on a new menu, endearingly called the “Mama” menu, creating authentic recipes from old traditional home-style kitchens. Combined with the freshest seafood the Andaman can provide and skilled chefs in the kitchen, this menu has taken on a life of its own, and in return created a memorable dining experience for those eager to try. A surprisingly delicious dish was Pla Muek Phad Dum – stir fried squid in its own ink with garlic.

One may be hesitant by the description, as well as the bowl filled with black liquid, however, it is incredibly fresh and light tasting, with the squid being perfectly cooked. If you can get over the sound of the dish, this is highly recommended! Another authentic recipe that we were offered was the Pla Sai Thod Kamin – deep-fried sand fish and young garlic with fresh turmeric. This dish was amazingly bright and flavorful. The fried fish offered a ton of texture while the turmeric and garlic balanced the saltiness. This is an excellent dish to share with the table, but also good enough to keep as your main.

One of the winners of the evening was the Hor Mok – spicy seafood custard in a family curry recipe and steamed in a banana leaf. This dish was incredibly light, yet substantial. Full of curry, coconut and lemongrass flavors perfectly mixed in fluffy custard; this is an absolute must-try on the menu! Another great dish was the Lon Poo, a local Phuket dip made with crab, pork and coconut cream and served with crunchy vegetables. This makes a wonderful starter if you are sharing with family and friends, yet is perfectly abundant enough to serve as a main if you wish.

Though there are nearly six dishes on the “Mama” menu, each dish at Seafood at Trisara is made with the freshest ingredients, detailed recipes and is one of the best experiences for checking out the rich culinary history of the island. If you are not too full from dinner, Seafood at Trisara also offers incredible Thai desserts, such as Saku Vilas – jackfruit, steamed tapioca pearls and water chestnut served in coconut cream, and the always-popular I Tim Kati Zoong Krueng – traditional Thai ice cream made with Ampawa young coconut, topped with pumpkin, roasted peanuts and palm seed. A perfect way to end a perfect meal!

So, for those seeking an authentic Thai cuisine experience, or are just trying to find where to eat in Cherng Talay, Seafood at Trisara is the right place for you!