Tucked away within a cozy alley of Phuket Old Town’s Dibuk Road you will find a beautiful oasis in an old Sino-Portuguese home known as Tantitium. A combination of ‘Tanti’, the homeowner’s surname, and the Chinese word for house, ‘Tium’, this charming new venue looks like something pulled straight from the pages of a travel magazine. Tall decorative trees flank the entrance where cute little café tables are lined up waiting to greet guests for their morning coffee or evening glass of wine.

Straight ahead holds the bar area that is both dark and inviting, where you can sit, enjoy the music and sip on the classic and creative cocktails on offer. However, if you are wanting to experience a bit of inspiration from your surroundings, try any one of the ‘Six Senses of the House’, a collection of cocktails created by the feeling one gets from being in a truly historical old building.

Above the bar you will find a beautiful massage area that is both pleasing to the eye and relaxing. Massages range anything from your standard traditional Thai massage to complete spa packages.

To the left on the ground floor is where you will find the stunning, lavish room for dining.  Large velvet green sofas line the wall with large windows facing the outdoor area. The raw bar is located at the front, serving up a delicious array of delectable oysters, sushi and sashimi – the perfect way to start your meal or end your workday with friends. Pair any of your raw bar choices with the wonderful selection of fine wine offered on the menu. And should you enjoy your wine, tea or sambal sauce completely at Tantitium, there is also a large display of items for purchase next to the raw bar.

However, no visit is complete without trying the main lunch and dinner menu. This combination of Peranakan, Phuket and Thai cuisine paired with the fine dining, yet inclusive atmosphere, make dining at Tantitium an experience all on its own.

The dishes concentrate on local and traditional ingredients with no flashy additives, but a few twists on many Thai favorites, such as the grilled Australian ribeye steak with spicy cucumber salad – a refreshing take on a traditional somtum (spicy papaya salad). For a more local flavor, one must try either the Phuket fern with prawn salad or the local mushroom with prawn and holy basil leaves. Both incredibly flavorful, earthy and a wonderful way to sample local fare.

Other not-to-miss dishes include the Phuket braised pork; fried pork rib with chili and salt – a perfect match with any one of the craft beers on offer; fried turmeric fish; and the eggplant baked with homemade sambal sauce. However, it would be an absolute shame if you didn’t save a little room for dessert. Among the local sweets, such as deep fried banana and green mango with sweet fish sauce, you can also indulge yourself with incredible cakes made by none other than Phuket’s favorite pastry chef, Peter Webber.

All in all, Tantitium is the complete package for an all day retreat in Phuket Old Town where you can dine, drink and relax in style among a piece of Phuket history.